Visapur fort

Monsoon has already started, like every year, we decided to start some trekking activity. And this time we planned for Visapur fort trek, Lonavala.

Visapur fort in situated in Malavli, Lonavala and the height of the fort is 3.556 ft from sea level. Visapur fort is larger and higher than its twin fort – Lohagad. This fort is a very popular destination for adventure as well as nature lover.

We joined trek group who had organised this trek on 8th July 2018. However warning is that without proper local guide or experience trekkers in group do not attempt climbing this fort, every year at least 3~4 cases of trekkers being lost in forest are reported.

Trekkers for Visapur fort were me, Swapnil, Aneesh, Roshini, Pooja, Payal, Vicky, Bhavisha, Mithilesh, Shivang, Suyog, Rutuja and Tejal.  We gathered at Dadar at 5 Am Sunday morning and left for Malavali by bus. The rain was dripping continuously.   Around 140 Kms travel from Mumbai, we reached base village Bhaja at 8 am.  It was a very beautiful morning when we reach to the Point.


Way from Bhaji Village to Visapur trek

We met our trekker group who were waiting for trekkers at base village. There is a waterfall at the base, which is used for bathing… The greenery coupled with the waterfall makes it a picnic destination.



Bhaji village waterfall


Visapur Lonavala

Bhaji Village base


After having breakfast we started our trek from Bhaji village. This is a flat walk for about 4km from Bhaji village till the trekking point. After 4 Km, the route splits, the left one goes to Visapur and the right one goes to Lohagad. There you will find a sign board marking the path through the forest.



Visapur Trek


Climate was perfectly set for trekking conditions. The route was slippery because of rain; you have to be careful while climbing. First part of trek goes through dense forest whereas remaining route is from rocky patch.


Monsoon Trekking near Mumbai

Visapur Forest


Monsoon trek

Visapur trek

The route was adventurous with a steep walk, but a journey from base village was scenic. The trail through waterfalls starts behind the green overgrowth at this turn. It was raining and waterfalls were flowing all over. The path was very slippery but we managed to be on the top through the rocks of the waterfall and dense forest.

Lonavala Trekking

Visapur Trek


Trekking in Monsoon


The Path was covered with lush greenery and moss. We continued this path for 40-50 minutes, we reached a small waterfall where we got fresh and then contused our journey. Moving hills covered by fog and a series of waterfalls lend a surreal feel to the stunning scenery. We followed the route which goes up next to the waterfall.




Visapur Trek

Heavy rain welcomed us when we were close to the final lap of the trek. After some climbing we were almost near to the top area. Rest part of the trek goes through the stairs.

Monsoon 2018

Visapur trek


Visapur trek

Continue on this trail reach the plateau on top. It was totally covered with fog, clouds, musts but a sighed a moment of relief. The view was splendid which removed all the tiredness. The beauty of Fort enhances during the monsoon season. From the top you can get a view of Lohagad fort which was among the clouds giving beautiful view of Pawna dam. As it was cloudy, I did not get clear photograph of Lohagad fort and Pawna dam.


Visapur Fort


Soon, it was a time to climb down.  Descent down is the same path. But you need to take each step carefully. It was a beautiful walk and a memorable one too. During monsoons the trail to the top is the best experience with heavy fog, rain and wind all around.


Visapur fort height – 1,084 m (3,556 ft)

Difficulty Level – Medium – Tough

Best time to Trek –  June to October


How to reach –

By Car

Distance for Mumbai to Visapur base – 100 Kms approx.

Distance for Pune to Visapur base-  70 Kms approx

By train

Reach Malavali station, base village is 4 Km away from Malavali Station. It will take 20 Min to reach the point.


There are two ways to trek to the top of Fort. The Easy way starts from the same village as lohagad.  and the other way is longer and starts from Patan village, to reach the base village take a left turn, after crossing the Mumbai-Pune flyover and keep going straight on this road.



  •  Hire a local guide or join a trekkers group. There are high chances of getting lost because of confusing paths.
  • Make sure that you carry water bottles and Food along with you because there are no stalls on the route.
  • Visapur is a day trek, it is not suitable for Night stay because of absence of any shelter and strong winds.
  • If going in monsoons, make sure that you are wearing shoes which have a good grip, since the ground gets extremely slippery.

Thank you for reading the blog!