We are now in the middle of Spring season and we all know this is the season of bloom. The weather is so happy and colorful and it gives a lot of scope for fashion, style. It’s the time to experiment with Boho trends and colors without any fear !

For this post, I have tried a Boho Look which combines colorful, Modern pieces, and Silver Junk Jewellery.  Reflecting on the fashion style of boho Look I combined my Alibaba Pant from fashiana and Silver Jewellery from Ajio with my new ethnic sandals from Colaba Market.



On top I paired it up with Silver Earrings and my beloved nose ring.I also added  some silver  Bangle to give the bohemian outfit a Simple touch.


I kept the make up really simple and skipped the eyeliner this time and made low bun and I was ready to go!

What is your opinion of the boho Look? Do you like to get this gypsy and hippie feeling as well or do you think it is only something what you would wear on holidays?