About Me


A Fashion influencer, Travel blogger, story teller, Independent girl, photoholic and Daddy’s girl.

Like you, I am a normal person who has energetic to learn new strategies, passionate about the lifestyle, fashion, beauty, fitness and love to explore, seek adventures.

I grew up in a middle class family in Mumbai and spent my childhood in this fast growing city. Upon finishing high school, I took admission in BMM.

After graduation, I landed a job with RSBL where I learnt everything about blogging, social media, digital marketing, branding and marketing, web designing, etc. Amidst 2015, it took me around 2 years to begin my first blog and I found blogging is the most ideal way for voicing my opinion.I write about destinations in India, fashion trends & my stlyle,  beauty tips , shopping, Indian culture and traditions, festivals and everything that makes India so diverse and unique in the world.


Being a blogger, I love to read blogs which teaches me the real fundamentals of blogging. I started blogging out of my interests for learning & sharing.

Whenever I am free, I read other blogs and learn from them. Even I would propose everybody to do similar things.

So, if you like my blog, please do drop in with your comments and even if you don’t, your suggestions are welcome !

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube And Tiktok if you want me in the raw.