marc jacobs

I am a fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs bags for long time…I have heard a lot about his stylish collection, leather quality etc. But I couldn’t get a chance to buy it. However, his collection hasn’t launched in India yet…

But, as we say, we definitely get those things that we want from our heart and it happened… I have been looking for a small well made Clutch from Marc Jacobs collections to use on vacations and at the Parties. And I have found it!  I got a small clutch as a Christmas gift from my friend which was unexpected… 

And here I couldn’t stop myself to reviewing  this well known designer clutch 

marc jacobs clutch

marc jacobs stylish clutch

First let me tell you who is Marc Jacobs?

Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer. He is the head designer for his own fashion label, “Marc Jacobs”. Marc Jacobs has built an empire on fashion that keeps the world waiting in awe of what the designer will show next.

Review  – 

Stylish, beautifully crafted bag…

marc jacobs handbags

Marc Jacobs clutch

The clutch fits more than you think…The size is just right. The leather of the clutch has soft quilted leather and has a sheen to it which gives it a more qualitative feel. The leather on the exterior is Suede, which makes keeping the bag clean easy.

I love the color. This Black gorgeous clutch will coordinate with anything. I love that the golden embossed logo which adds a slight touch of glam.

I’m not a fan of wearing items that have large symbols. I think that’s why Marc Jacobs has been one of my favorite designers for bags as they have subtle markings on them or a logo plate like mine with very small print.

For sure, you can’t go wrong with the classic shape. This clutch is such a great for everyday use both in style and functionality.


I do not like to carry a lot of items in my bags, so for the girl who is looking to carry the essentials, this clutch surely fits those needs.