Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving in Maharashtra

Tarkarli Beach

When you think of beaches and water-sports activities like Scuba Diving, Parasailing , which is the first place that comes to your mind? Have you heard of Tarkarli?

Yes, nestled in the Malvan region of Maharashtra, Tarkarli is known for its golden beaches, peaceful ambiance, toothsome seafood and waterspouts like scuba diving and snorkeling. 

And Scuba diving at Malvan was the most awaited trip.  This has been on my bucket list since a very long time and finally its done! It was a two day plan and a budget trip on my bucket list.

At first i checked into a beach side place which i had booked on a phone call a few days before. After the trip many people came to me asking about the instructor, safety?  So here i am going to answer all these questions out here.

Is it safe? Do they give any training?

 Before the dive you get 2 minutes to practice breathing through the mouth using the tube connected to the oxygen cylinder. Trained guides accompany you in the waters and guide you throughout the dive.

Note – They take your snaps and video. . If possible, carry a pen drive so that once you land on the beach, you can receive them quickly…

What equipment or gears are provided?

A mask which covers your eyes and nose, oxygen cylinder and a regulator that aids in breathing underwater. On request, they may also provide you with wet suits and fins (may be charged extra for this).

Best time to visit?

Best time to visit Malvan is from November to February. Although the activity is carried out from 8 am to 4 pm, its better to go in the morning. You can book for your dolphin ride early morning around 6 am and immediately followed by scuba diving.

How much does it cost?

Commercial dive will cost you around Rs 1500, cylinder dive will cost around Rs 3000 and snorkeling will cost around Rs 400. If you are in a big group you can ask for some discounts. Bargain as much as possible.

Where can we find the scuba diving centers?

You can find scuba diving centers at Malvan Jetty. The day before you plan for the dive you can bargain with them and fix the final rates and book a suitable time for the dive.

My Experience –

Pleasant and Thrilling…!

This was my first experience underwater. I did have trouble in breathing and so could not spend much time underwater. I must have been there barely 5 minutes… But I must say it was a thrilling experience. I was extremely scared at first with the thought of going underwater on life-support cylinder and I was doing this for the first time. I went to this place with my friends and almost everybody of us was a swimmer, but I was not, which scared me even more. All my worries transformed into a life changing experience with never lasting memories.