Summer is my second favorite season when it comes to clothing. It’s harder to create a new look every day.

You’ll find a ton of style blogs that talk about the most recent trends, what’s hot now, what’s never again in style, and what’s presently “in” and what’s out. So here are some fashion tips, ideas for summer you need to know!

1) Keep your clothes loose

The looser, the better. The less texture you have really touched your body, the more comfortable you will feel. Avoid wearing tight clothes that restrict your circulation. Trust it or not, a flowy maxi dress will keep you cooler than some shorts and a skin-tight tank.

Summer clothes


2) Wear white

White is your best friend in summer. Your own body produces warm during the summer months, dark color absorbs light and can make you feel hot, while light color just reflects it right back at your skin, will keep you cool. Stick to light colors.

summer wear

3) Wear Accessories, shoes

Use Accessories, shoes, colorful bags to make things more interesting. These things are perfect for making your summer outfit more interesting.

Womens summer fashion

4) Use a scarf to keep your hair off your neck

A small cotton scarf is great for retaining sweat, whether you use it to tie up your hair or wear it around your neck with your hair down. Scarves are a standout amongst the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe and can be worn in all manner of ways.

summer trends

5) Stick to cotton fabrics

Cotton is more breathable than polyester or rayon.Cotton absorbs the sweat from your body and allows it to dissipate into the air. It works like a towel, wicking the dampness away from your skin. Cotton makes the perfect fabrics in summer; It keeps you cool all the day.

Latest summer fashion

6)  Off shoulder, clothes are always sexy

Now a day, off shoulder clothing becomes popular. And these clothes are stylish every summer. I have few off shoulder cloths and I am always adding new ones to my wardrobe which I use for summer style.

summer outfits for women


7) Natural make up is the best

There is nothing worse than wearing a lot of makeup on summer days.

Natural make up is the best during the summer season. Don’t put the heavy eyeliner, heavy foundation, dark lipstick.  With the right products, your makeup can last long into the day without feeling too overwhelming or melting right off.

fashion dresses

8) Shorts and tank top

Summer is a great time to wear shorts, skirts and a tank top. You can literally wear this outfit anywhere you want, to hangout with friends, to the mall or going on a date.

summer fashion tops

9) A high summer beach dress

This dress can be shorter than your other dresses and is easy to wash. Nothing is as easy and glamorous as a good summer dress.

beach wear clothes


 10) Vibrant and Bright colors clothes

Wearing Vibrant and bright colors clothes have become a trend nowadays.  these colors cloths are a reflection of our moods. They can make us feel good, fresh and pleasant. And also look chic, eye catchy, just don’t wear them all at once to avoid looking like a rainbow.

summer clothing