Things to do in Hippie Island

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In this blog,  I am covering the top 6 things to do in Hippie Island.

I like the places that are a mix of nature, adventure & culture; And I came across all of them at Hampi. One part of the place is culture oriented – A rich history that takes you back in time and other part is completely nature oriented – the scenic beauty that will completely blow your mind & leave you mesmerized. A trip to Hampi is incomplete without visiting the “Hippie Island”.

Hippie Island is a small place located across the Tungabhadra River. The experience at the other side of the river is totally different from Hampi. This place will completely blow your mind away with the scenic beauty. Hippie Island is the best and only place to find a Guesthouse in all Hampi, nearby the ruins, “Hippie Island” is a perfect place to relax in the middle of nature.

Rent a scooter to drive on beautiful roads of Hippie Island

Hippie Island Travel Guide

Hippie Island Roads

What better way to enjoy sprawling lush landscapes than riding a  bike through them!  Although the island is relatively small, the easiest & cheapest way of getting around is by scooter. We Rented Activa  to travel on the traffic free, well maintained roads of Hippie Island surrounded by huge boulders, rice and banana plantations exuding sheer beauty and charm.

Enjoy the meal after a ride at Laughing Buddha Cafe

After a ride we visited Laughing Buddha Cafe where you will get a variety of cuisines like Israeli, Italian, Chinese,  Indian food  with chilled beer alongside picturesque views of the river and rice fields.

You can also spot beautifully painted images at that cafe.  We spent almost 2-3 hours in this place, tried their Israeli food – hummus and pita, Fresh watermelon juice which was damn tasty , roamed around and admired the beauty & calmness of this place.

You’ll find a lot of Hippie crowd here. You can sit here for hours in the perfect hippie ambiance. You can also find drugs such as Weed  from the local dealers.

Experience Coracle Ride

So what’s a coracle? Well, it’s a small bowl-shaped boat made of wickerwork. A huge floating basket is a more appropriate description rather than calling it a boat.

This place felt like the highlight of our Hampi trip. I am not a big fan of the lakes here in South India, but this lake took my breath away. We went on coracle rides on the lake. It was bit frightening for me, but as we literally rowed into the sunset, I fell in love with the place.

Places to visit in Hampi

Coracle Ride- Hampi


One last secret about this ride, do ask the guy to spin the boat.

Don’t miss Birthplace of Lord Hanuman at Anjaneya Hill to Enjoy the Sunset

Lord Hanuman Temple

When in Hampi, you can witness a stunning sunset view from almost everywhere. Whether you’re sitting by the ghat next to the river or climb on the Anjaneya Hill ,  it’s beautiful to see how the rocks emit a reddish hue when the sun sets.

An hour before the sunset, it’s usually buzzing with the sounds of percussion, strings and a few other hand held musical instruments. There are usually no parties in Hampi but the sunset jam session will satisfy your “party” craving.

Enjoy your Dinner and Chilled out at Evergreen Cafe


We ended up here at evening of our stay in Hippie Island. Evergreen cafe is a cool chilled place to hang out and meet fellow travelers. From food to lodging , from price to hospitality, from environment to set up, ever green cafe is the best Cafe to enjoy your night at Hippie island. Just relax, listen to the Music, get a free wifi and  drink some beer.

Stay in a Cute Huts

Away from the luxurious lifestyle, the small huts at cheap rates will make you fall in love with the captivating natural surroundings. You can enhance the experience of your visit tremendously if you’re open to staying in a simple hut here. Our cute little hut with a hammock was in a place called Top Secret River View and as the name suggests, this place had a stunning view of the river and Hampi’s temples across the river.

I traveled this place with my better half.  Lot of pictures was clicked and memories were built.  Its a must visit for bachelors and couples.