Water sports in Srinagar

Dal Lake 

Dal Lake

Dal Lake

Kashmir is a place that has been compared to the heavens above due to the immense beauty it beholds. It is a place that many call “Paradise on Earth”, and when visited it seems to be a name that has rightfully been given. Since the waterways of the valley are so well known one should definitely take away memories pertaining to them. The water related activities such as water skiing is really popular here. 

Water Skiing

Water Skiing – Dal Lake


Water skiing is similar to that of surfing but a much more exciting sport to take part in. The sport has a wide range of tricks that you can show off if you are good at it. The diverse ways to flaunt your talent and skill in this particular sport gives it an edge over the others.It is actually done on sea water, but that can be dangerous and hence doing it on lakes is a better and safer option. Kashmir valley offers you a tremendous opportunity of water skiing on its beautiful lakes amid spectacular surroundings.

Its sparkling water and serene atmosphere makes it the most preferred sports. 

“So when you are in the beauty capital of India do indulge in these activities and live a little more than daily”

Cost –

The cost would be INR 400 per person and 100 Rs for per photo copy.